Vietnam Biking Guide

Mr Leo (real name is Danh Ngan) is a professional biking guide in Vietnam and Cambodia since 2007, he is very well organize the biking loops and very good care the big group & family with kids (kids ride kidbikes).

his strongs are good knowledge about the khmer and Cambodia culture, history, landscape and fluent in English, Cambodian, Vietnamese Speaking so that he is leading in the excellent reviews.

Thanh Ut is an challenging guide, become professional biking guide in Vietnam and Indochina since 2010, he loves doing the long adventure biking in Indochina and across Vietnam with all kind of bicycles: road bike, mountain bike, hydric bike, etc..

He wishes to know Vietnam and Cambodia very details so that he had explored Vietnam and Cambodia by his motorbike many time in many years to know each single paths, backroads, off-the-beaten-tracks, off-roads, etc.. if you want to ride on over those countries on all typical roads, Ut will be you best choice & he also has trained with the international license & his excellent reviews would be surprise you !