Lively Full Moon Festival In Vietnam


Impressing The Foreigner Tourists about The Local Lively Full Moon Festival In Vietnam. As American tourists are interested in the taboo of Vietnamese people in the seventh lunar month, while the Australian blogger remembers the scene of taking chaotic offerings.

The full moon day of the 7th lunar month is an important occasion for the Vietnamese people, because of their strong belief in the spiritual world. This is a traditional culture that makes foreign visitors curious when having the opportunity to experience. Following Andy, from California (USA), once had a chance to visit a small temple in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City when in Vietnam coincides with the full moon day of July 2019. Andy and the people go to the ceremony on Vu Lan day. (Bike Tour from Cambodia to Vietnam 9 days)

Share on Andy Traveler’s blog page, he said, with Buddhists, Vu Lan is like a parent’s day. Most people go to the temple, pray for the birth. Many people also avoid killing and fasting, giving food or necessities to the poor, liberating … with the belief that these things will help them accumulate virtue, reflecting the blessing of their births.

“You have to pity three times and remember to pray,” the friend corrected Andy’s awkward gestures. The smell of deep incense spread throughout the space. The American surrender noticed many people wearing blue clothes.

Landscape of Buddhist temple in Ho Chi Minh City on the full moon day of the 7th lunar month.  Scenes of Buddhist temples in Ho Chi Minh City on the full moon day of the 7th lunar month. July Every Year is also called the month of the soul with many taboos. Andy found that Vietnamese people took the day of death because they had faith in the spiritual world. “People who do not listen to each other do not dry clothes or take photos at night, do not hold great events, do not pick up money on the street, do not knock on chopsticks when eating …”, he said. (Biking In Vietnam and Cambodia)

With his experience, Andy thinks that people are more cautious this month to not accidentally offend or anger “negative people”. People lit incense, burned votive gold and offered food on the street on the full moon. Some families even donated money, fruits and food to passersby … believing that if more and more people came to get offerings, the business would be more prosperous.

“Learning about culture is my favorite thing on the road: experience the holidays with local people and discover customs and habits. I want people to experience a lot of trips. Don’t just lie down on the beach during the holidays, go out and try something like a local, “Andy expressed.

Barbara, Australian blogger, and her husband went to breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City on the full moon day of the seventh lunar month many years ago. She saw the owner shop a table full of offerings, from re, trees, sugar cane, candy, snack to votive … and burn incense. (Cambodia Bicycle Tours)

But what happened next surprised her. Before the woman could finish the incense, a crowd gathered around the table. Only a few moments after the last incense was lit, these people began to grab the bread. In a few seconds, everything disappeared on the table, leaving only gold for homeowners. “It was a disturbing scene,” Barbara expressed. She used to know the hungry ghost month in Singapore, but her friends in Vietnam explained that the Lunar July is considered a time of hell for open spirits. “This seems less scary,” she said.