How to book Cambodia Bike Tours

A very beautiful scene emerges from behind the trees of the forests that have made a legendary history of Cambodia, that’s why our cycling Holidays always contain deep values without any problems. Any business unit that can compare it is not the roads that can only be cycled, but while we cycle through the beautiful roads, we can also watch and enjoy a mountainous space with the canopy of ancient trees up to 1000 years old.

Moreover in most of our Angkor Way cycling we always choose the most beautiful roads and we prioritize them in order: trails – single paths – quiet roads and spectacular wider roads. That’s why at most of the cycling routes we want to introduce to you through actual photos and videos, you also understand more about the products and services that the company provides to you. Not only Ride – also feel fine all the way with us!

Feel free to looking at our booking information in order to know how to book Cambodia Bike Tours with our team:


✨ If this is your favorite tour, here’s what you need to do to confirm your place with all departures appearing, you just select your best date you’d like to travel by clicking on the “BOOK NOW” link. Once we receipt your inquiry, one of our member will send you the full proposal with the traveler’s information in details, if you request for your solo traveler, we will let you know the tour is “available” to “Guaranteed to Departure” or “Standby” to wait for more traveler joining to go ahead with the minimum 2 people are reached. If the trip will be reconfirmed guaranteed to departure, you are free to book your flight, Visa (as this advice for Vietnam Visa if you need) and make all other travel arrangements. If you are unsure about the tour status, please email us at or call (+84)822150815. You also provide us the extra information such as passport numbers, height, weight. If your child is under 16 years old, please note their birthdate in the message at the end of the booking form. All of the problems will be assisted via above hotline and general email.


For a less than 5 day tour to secure the service, we require a deposit 100 USD/person & for Longer 5 days Tours to guarantee your place we require a 500 USD deposit, whichever is the greater. We also require that you take out travel insurance when you book your holiday. Besides covering you during your holiday it will also enable you to claim for any money that you have paid to us, including your deposit, should you have to cancel your trip.


Deposit must be paid 15 days before the departure date with fees for any bicycle rental(s), single supplement(s) and extra hotel nights. Our confirmation will include personal details you provided us (including your flight information), visa application advice, a packing suggestion list and a detailed tour itinerary. It will also include a checklist to ensure you get everything ready for your holiday.


On the rare occasions when we, VietnamByBike, must cancel a trip, all payments received to date will be 100% refunded, which constitutes full settlement. There will be absolutely no deductions. If you, the client, must cancel your reservation, your cancellation fee will be determined according to when you cancel. For full details, please read our cancellation policy.

For those who have been on several long tours with us we reward customer loyalty by offering repeat customers a special discount off the tour price (excludes single supplement and bike rental). If this is your fourth scheduled tour or more you will receive a 5% discount. If this is your eighth scheduled tour or more we will extend a 10% discount. The discount will be reflected in your online booking, but please contact us if you have any questions. Loyalty discounts can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Note: Only tours of 5 days or more will be applicable for loyalty discount.


International flights to and from the start and finish points are not included in the tour price. Once your tour is Guaranteed to Depart you can book your flight. Please contact us for advice before arranging flights for the best arrival and departure times. We would only cancel a trip for an extreme circumstance, but in that case, where we cancel your trip, we cannot be liable for losses incurred relating to any flight booking you have made. Please claim any losses from your travel insurance that you acquired when you booked your holiday.

Ride for better life ! 

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