💖  In the large market of holiday services, we choose the hardest way to serve you and we also target to this small market to tailor some special holidays that we call them by the name “Cycling holidays – once in a lifetime“, you can easily talk all about your cycling holidays from Cambodia: start from Siem Reap with the Wonder of the Heritage Site or start from Phnom Penh to the multiple countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar.

✨ Explore our best Cambodia Bike Tours, Indochina by bike and Asia bicycle tours below, when you have a group from 4 riders. Please do not hesitate to email us for the best price, the right value of service and the unique activities with our local experts:

  • 🚴 Cycling holiday 10 days: across Cambodia by bicycle | from 1,600 USD

  • 🚴 Cycling holiday 14 days: across Vietnam by bicycle | from 2,580 USD 

  • 🚴 Cycling holiday 10 days: across Thailand by bicycle | from 1600 USD 

  • 🚴 Cycling holiday 14 days: Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam | from 2,580 USD

  • 🚴 Cycling holiday 10 days – Angkor Wat to Saigon | from 1,600 USD

  • 🚴 Cycling holiday 10 days: Angkor Wat to Bangkok | from 1,600 USD