Vietnam Travel Plan

Vietnam Travel Plan

Cambodia Bike Tours is established for traveler’s cyclists who want to bike in Cambodia and Vietnam in one trip. We do the best biking services along the whole way between 2 countries. Cambodia Bike Tours, you can find cycling tours in Southeast Asia, Vietnam Laos Cambodia. We drive only in the smallest groups and without escort vehicle and avoid domestic flights. This sets us clearly apart from other providers. The tours are often tailored so that you can drive up to three tours even in one go. This is pure adventure and reduces the CO2 emissions!

For our set departure date from cycling Cambodia to Vietnam and even further, over 6 months and 14,000 kilometers are the preparations! There are already a good dozen contenders and in July 2019 there was a second meeting of those interested! We are not yet at the limit, but there are not many places left. Dangers can be part-stages or of course the whole tour.

In the summer of 2019 we finally start in Phnom Penh “mountains, rivers, rice terraces” and in November I already have 4 prospects for the other Vietnam to Laos … “Formoser November” will be called this beautiful tour. In 2018 I was able to donate more than 700 € for blood donations there in January, 580 Euro have just arrived back in Yangon, CBB has added another 500 Euro. Many thanks to all donors, but the Khmer girl needs our all help!

You are able to ride 50km average per day with many stops along the routes and can swim for a boat connection from Cycling Phnom Penh To Saigon. First it goes along a small river, which gets bigger and bigger and finally it’s another hour over the Tonle Sap lake. For the 110 kilometers, the boat needs a good seven hours.

Since we are a larger group this time, it has been worthwhile to take a private boat, which was even cheaper than the single tickets. And our luck. Because it is dry season and so just in the beginning in the area around Mekong Delta is a much water in the river. The official boat is already quite full and we would probably have problems getting our seven wheels safely stowed.