Our Story

– cyclist lovers –

Mr Lucky (real name is Samnang), as he was lovingly called by everyone he knows, was one of the legends who helped built Angkor Complex to be the tourism capital of Cambodia as it is known today. From when he first arrived to Siem Reap in 1990s, to the day he bid farewell to this beautiful town in Spring 2012, his many, seemingly “eccentric” ideas, have become successful businesses that, in turn, create revolutions in the cooking, drinking, and bicycle touring industries in Cambodia.

Mr Thai’s love for food came from an unlikely place. A proud graduate of University of Seoul’s famed Booth School of Business, as well as the North American champion in windsurfing in the 90’s, many of his friends thought he would either climb the ranks at Wall Street or, open his own surf shop in Hawaii. Yet, after years of living in France and the U.S., Lucky came back to Cambodia, and settled in Siem Reap, and bought and built a house in Siem Reap, to live near the boutique of Angkor Wat Temples and use his passion of Company of Cambodia Bike Tours is as his talent to grow this biggest city in Cambodia.

Cambodia Bike Tours was established from Mr Lucky’s cycling coaching and Mr Lim travel lover , instilled in them by his mother during his childhood in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As war refugees, the family of six struggled to survive, knowing little Angkor and having no contact. Mr Lim and Lucky spent his early childhood watching his mother farming works by bicycle on the coco farms and seeing how much their meaningful life with the nature, and the longing hearts of other immigrants like themselves.

And Mr Lim had always known the connecting value of health. And not just a tour. He knew the power of cycling, Cambodia beauties and South East Asia Venture that signify an entire Cambodia to start to anywhere in Indochina. Bike Tours that symbolize its rich, turbulent, yet human history, that connects both the Health and the Experience to generations of Cambodia before, here or abroad, to a country so dear to their heart.

Team works and the passion of both Mr Lim (director) and Mr Lucky (Expertise) had a very simple quote: “They research South East Asia, always.” And like them, regardless of how well-traveled they both might be, Cambodia Bike Tours and its Beautiful experiences hold a special place in their hearts, one that they always come to back to, until the day they said their cyclist final satisfies!

With Cambodia Bike Tours is not only good in Cambodia, you will meet the right face-to-face with their expert cycling team that hoped to bring you what is the trusted felt locals and that little business in Cambodia – a sense of longing for this Cambodia country, a genuine love for its knowledge, and most importantly, how a warmest welcome and a cracking sound of local foods can bring the peace and healing you didn’t know you were seeking. Cambodia Bike Tours hope that you come and join us, to connect with Vietnam, not as strangers, but as old friends.