Cambodia Bike Tours is a team-owned and run, travel and tour company for Indochina, specializing in Cambodia – Vietnam – Thailand.

Cambodia Bike Tours focus on providing private, tailor-made biking holidays and tour experiences. Travel By Bicycle is always lots of fun, but planning travel and tours can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. Our experienced team of consultants and guides speak both Vietnamese – Khmer – English, and all share a passion for cyclists & travelers, love for Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand – they are the perfect oracle for valuable local knowledge. We know and understand the travel market and especially the Cambodia and Indochina. We can recommend ideas for the most suitable locations and the ways to spend your time, to suit your interests and at the pace you like to travel.

Let “Cambodia Bike Tours” use our knowledge of Cambodia and Indochina and our travel planning experience to help you.
We will help you have the best trip possible, without the fuss or stress of doing everything yourself. Our knowledge and relationships with providers across the many wondrous Vietnamese travel destinations, and for a wide variety of travel styles and special interests, make us the provider of choice for travelers wanting an authentic experience, local interaction and a quality journey.
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The Cambodia Bike Tours mission is to EXPLORE, LEARN & INSPIRE…
Explore – “To travel into or through a place for discovery.”
Learn – “To gain knowledge through experience.”
Inspire – “To encourage in someone desire or ability, by filling with eagerness, and confidence”

Cambodia Bike Tours will help deliver your own adventure and experience to treasure, using all your senses as you tour with us. We will share our knowledge and stories, to give you an understanding and appreciation of Vietnam as a country and culture. We hope to inspire you to share what you have learnt with others for the good of conservation and preservation of cultures, the environment and wildlife.

The Cambodia Bike Tours Founders: Samnang Lucky & Leo
Cambodia Bike Tours was founded and is managed by Leo and Samnang.
Leo and Samnang first met in 2004, brought together in part by the tragic tsunami that hit Asia that year. In 2006 they managed the biking tour together, and understanding how good while they are working with their own best biking services and they were finally established Cambodia Bike Tours in early 2011.

Mr Leo was born and raised near Rach Gia, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, and here he studied languages, specializing in Vietnamese – Khmer & English. From an early age, Khoa developed a passion for meeting people from around the world and sharing his country with them. With more than a decade of experience guiding and working in the travel industry, Leo has extensive knowledge of Vietnam and the wonders within.

Mr Samnang has a wealth of experience in travel and tourism, project and event management, plus a passion for travel and true love for Cambodia. He managed Cambodia’s tour operations for a travel company before starting Cambodia Bike Tours. He feels a deep respect for the needs of visitors to Vietnam and Indochina people, environment and heritage within Vietnam that must be sustainably cared for as part of responsible and experiential tourism.
In 2012 Leo was granted his international tour operator license and Cambodia Bike Tours was born. Since then, Cambodia Bike Tours has built on its strengths to provide unique, tailored experiences for travelers. The company has grown into one which shares the enthusiasm for real Vietnam with guests, and leaves them with an insightful perspective of these beautiful countries. Anybody who knows Leo and Samnang will say that they have a real passion for Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand and all its diversity and are committed to sharing that with guests.

The Cambodia Bike Tours Team
The Cambodia Bike Tours Team has a wide variety of skills and experience to cater for your every need.
With diverse backgrounds, passions and experiences the Cambodia Bike Tours team have the attributes to plan and manage your travel arrangements: attention to detail, creative thinking, expert tour planning, problem solving and more. Our team here is very passionate about our home country and look forward to sharing it with you.

Mr Samnang & His Teamworks

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👍 Mr Leo for Vietnam.

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