Tour from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam


Tour from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

When you want to go out for tour from Ho Chi Minh City, maybe eco-tourism spots are never your first choice but after referring to the list of tourist destinations near Saigon below, yes You will change your mind! Having a lot of green trees, the space is airy, most of it is close to Saigon so you can go back to the very convenient day. Let’s explore together!

1. Ride the car to see the peaceful countryside of the Mekong.
About 100 km away from Saigon, there was a time when floating and floating villages in Ben Tre & Cai Be were very hot names in the list of tourist destinations near Saigon with beautiful scenery. Floating village was built quite a long time, but only became a check-in place for young people. You can take a motorbike from Saigon, follow National Highway 1A toward Tan An City (about 40 km), then go on National Highway 62 to Moc Hoa District for another 62 km. The road is covered with plastic and easy to go, just see the map or follow the instructions on google map that you will reach Tan Lap floating village after about 2-3 hours if traveling by motorbike.

You can choose to explore this Melaleuca forest by two roads, waterways or roads. If you visit by canoe, you will feel like you are immersed in an extremely cool, comfortable and bold Western landscape. When entering the resort, you will buy sightseeing tickets (VND 55,000 / ticket, less than 1m2 free); If you choose to visit by canoe, you will buy more tickets (30,000 VND / trip for sightseeing). After passing through a stone-paved road of gourd and lake, you will be able to sit on a motorboat deep inside the melaleuca forest. Arriving at the shore, here the staff will ask if you want to visit with the previous canoe or want to walk first. The total time to visit is usually about 3 hours, but it depends on whether you want to go fast or slow.

2. Khmer Tra Vinh resort (Mekong Delta Tour 3 days):
Only about 40 km away from Saigon, it is obvious that the Khmer tourist area of ​​Tra Vinh is another candidate in the list of tourist destinations near Saigon. But do not stop there, this tourist destination also has a lot of meticulously designed miniatures, placed in a quiet and cool green space, comfortable. If you want to escape the Saigon heat or the usual noisy, this will be your number one check-in place!
This resort is especially famous for its bamboo-shaded streets, a miniature “Lady Hug Pond” and pretty Western scenes like brick houses, suspension bridges …

3. Zenna Pool Camp campsite:
Vung Tau is not only the sea and the famous places, try to discover a new name: Zenna Pool Camp campsite. If you are a fan of swag photos or OOTD style (outfit of the day), Zenna is the ideal place for you to have fun and drop your photos! This is an outdoor camping area, will bring a space close to nature, “step is to see the sea”, surrounded by green poplar forests that are blessed in the wind of poetic and dreamlike. How to decorate with wooden furniture, swings, ropes … very youthful and dynamic for group photos or check-in your summer travel.

4. Cai Rang Floating Market
With the advantage of only about 180 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Cai Rang Park is considered one of the eco-tourism areas near Saigon to go with family or close friends. This place will meet the needs of both “landscape” and “culture” if you still wonder if this summer trip must be cool or go to the sea? Cai Rang is known as the “Mekong Cultural Characteristics”, with lush green forests, covering the stream area and cool waterfalls and a large swimming pool of about 150,000 m2.

5. Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area
If anyone “diligently” searches for check-in locations or tourist destinations near Saigon, it will definitely not by pass Phuong Nam’s marine eco-tourism area. Phuong Nam Pearl Resort, this place is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations near Saigon with open natural scenery, quite comfortable; Suitable for groups of friends or families to relax on weekends or to go back during the day.


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