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Long Xuyen people are completing the tourism development system and developing infrastructure to follow the tourism industry of the Mekong Delta regionAt present, the overall management system has not been strengthened synchronously in the area and tourist sites, while checking and handling cases of losing beauty in tourism such as pinching, clinging or cheating on tourists. Particularly the authorities at all levels combined with business households and people to protect, restore and restore religious relics, join hands to protect tourism resources, direct levels, branches, localities, businesses and communities well implement environmental management in tourist sites and spots; guide localities, communities and enterprises to implement the rules of civilized behavior in tourism.

Continue to complete the transport infrastructure system connecting to tourist sites and spots; promote the application of information technology in managing and promoting An Giang tourism image through websites and smartphones; allocate capital to develop tourism infrastructure. Besides making a list of some key projects of the province, calling for investment and socialization of entertainment services, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, strengthening support for investors. administrative procedures, removing difficulties in mechanisms and policies to bring approved projects to decide investment policies in operation. Speeding up the completion of infrastructure works at Sam Mountain, Cam Mountain, So So Lake Tourist Area to develop new and diversified tourism products.

Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism said that it will study and propose to build 2 wharves with many piers to welcome river tourists in the city. Long Xuyen and Continental Director. At the same time, implement a tourism development program associated with agriculture to create new tourism products. Increase the quality of tourism types associated with traditional cultural, religious, religious and ethnic festivals. In particular, promote promotion, link tourism development; implementing the Project “Building and promoting the image of An Giang province” in the period of 2018-2020 and orientation to 2025. Innovating promotion and promotion with various and diversified forms. Actively linking and coordinating with tourism enterprises and tourism associations in and outside the province to organize promotion missions to promote An Giang tourism to domestic and international markets; promote the linkage of provinces in the key economic region of Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi, TP. Da Nang and TP. Ho Chi Minh…

Continuing to implement the program of training human resources for 1,800 civil servants and enterprises in the tourism and agricultural sector, contributing to raising awareness and skills in tourism tourism for the society. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposed ministries and central branches to adjust the contents related to the Investment Law in 2014, in which the proposal of supplementing tourism is an investment incentive sector to create things. favorable conditions for businesses to invest in developing tourism. Pay attention to and prioritize capital for investment in infrastructure for tourism development, promotion programs and create a clean land fund to call for investment and at the same time propose the establishment of a Tourism Development Assistance Fund. An Giang province. Studying policies to support models: developing agricultural tourism to apply high technology and traditional agriculture, developing tourism in association with traditional craft villages, developing tourism associated with ecosystems rivers, mountains, forests and countryside.

Diversify tourism products associated with the cultural life of the community; raise the quality of tourist forms in association with historical and cultural relics; expand and exploit tours to explore the cultural life of residents, especially traditional craft villages. To associate tourism with trade fairs and activities in border areas; promote development of tourism associated with food and specialty shopping … With many synchronous solutions, it is believed that Long Xuyen tourism will develop, becoming an important economic sector in the socio-economic development strategy of Long Xuyen City. Cambodia Bike Tours has a featured Mekong Cycling 2 daysLong Xuyen Cycling Tours 2 days.

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