Best Holiday in Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Tours

During the last 10 months, European visitors chose Cambodia as their top 1 country for their bike tours because of many famous attractions and a country with many features and scenes. Beautiful natural mandarin. In Cambodia Bike Tours‘s exclusive travel product is Angkor Wat to Saigon’s Angkor Cycling with many interesting features and excellent navigational teams, which have always dominated the travel agencies since its inception. other. According to the study of travel experts about the two leading countries in the form of bicycle tours, Angkor Wat Temples is number 1, then Mekong Delta stretches from Phnom Penh to Saigon or Ho Chi Minh with 3 international border gates that tourists make other procedures fast and simple.

They have 30 years of participation in Cambodia’s recent history as experts of various NGOs, the UN, Unesco and the EU, as advisers to the Cambodian government on border issues. gender, and is a United Nations expert at the extraordinary Court in the Cambodian Court that tried the former leaders of the Khmer Rouge. A diplomatic advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he said in his personal capacity and his opinion does not necessarily reflect the views of the Cambodian government. Exciting trip brings you to many forgotten but quite famous lands with world reach, not just Angkor Wat. Their strategy is to focus on Cambodia and Vietnam because these are the two countries that have the most significant relationship and landscape change instead of you cycling cambodia to Thailand or Laos because they are very similar together about culture and life.

Above all politically, these two countries have the highest travel safety index in Cycling Southeast Asia. So Cycling Saigon to Angkor Wat or vice versa from Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Tours is always the best choice in 2019 and 2020. Experiences with Cambodia Bike Tours at the present time are the best, especially with Indochina Bike Tours because after two years, these two countries will outperform regional countries economically because of 2 countries This is growing with the advantage of available natural resources such as sea, mountains, and cheap labor. At that time, the landscape will change dramatically and obviously is no longer suitable for this type of travel. For more information, please contact

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