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While planning for your holiday in Vietnam on Vietnamese New Year, you should take note those Adventure Issues: Mostly quiet at the tourist attractions, Biggest/Crowded City will be the most boring place in the whole year, but the Vietnamese New Year is the most exciting holiday and you may read the information below to be deep in understandings:

In Cambodia Bike Tours’s Experience, Vietnam By Bicycle will be improve your most beautiful activities with locals and the most much interests you only see along the biking loops at right local homes. During the seven days of Vietnamese New Year (Tet holiday), from 14 to 19 February (December 29 to the 4th of New Year), Hanoi tourism industry is estimated to receive nearly 375,000 tourists, an increase of 13% over the same period last year, in which, international tourists reached about 125 thousand passengers, an increase of 30%; Total revenue from tourism is estimated at VND 1,283 billion, up 19%. International visitors mainly come from the markets: China, Korea, Japan, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand. To welcome the Lunar New Year of the Lunar New Year 2018, many programs and festivals with traditional national atmosphere have been organized in the city and four-to-five-star hotels serving the people and tourists to celebrate Tet. Lunar New Year Many destinations of the city have been crowded in three days of Tet, particularly the famous relic of Huong pagoda has welcomed more than 70 thousand visitors, an increase of 20% over the same period in 2017. In the first and second days Tet, Huong Pagoda welcomed about 30 thousand visitors and on the 3rd day of the New Year, welcomed more than 40 thousand visitors. Quang Ninh Tourism Department said, on the occasion of the Tet holiday of 2019 from February 14 to 19 (December 29 to May 5), the provincial tourism industry welcomed about 800 thousand tourists, up 21%, revenue is estimated at nearly VND 900 billion. In these days, the province’s three-to-five-star hotel capacity has reached 80 to 90%. Nearly two-thirds of visitors mainly visit famous monuments: relics of Yen Tu pagoda, Ngọa Van pagoda, Cua Ong temple, Cai Bau pagoda, Long Tien pagoda … Particularly, visitors to Ha Long Bay are estimated to reach about 105 thousand arrivals, up 30%, of which international visitors are estimated to reach 65,000 turns with 4,500 cruise ships departing, up 20%.

During the last four days of Tet, the Kim Lien Special Monument Area, Nam Dan District (Nghe An) has welcomed thousands of local and foreign people and tourists to visit, offering incense and remembrance Ho Chi Minh president. The management board of the relics coordinated with the authorities at the provincial, district and local levels to do a good job of receiving guests, assigning specialized officials in each division, mobilizing all explanations and instructions. members to serve visitors. According to Da Nang Department of Tourism, from the 1st to 4th of the Lunar New Year, the number of tourists coming to Da Nang City is estimated at more than 296 thousand turns, an increase of 14% compared to the same period of 2017, of which international visitors reached more than 132 thousand times. , an increase of 27.6%, mainly from the markets of China, Korea, Japan … and overseas Vietnamese guests.

During the four days of Tet Mau Tuat, Can Tho City welcomed about 700 thousand tourists, an increase of 10% over the Tet holiday last year. The total number of visitors staying in the city on this occasion reached more than 65 thousand visitors, an increase of 10%, of which more than 16,200 international visitors, an increase of 10%. Total revenue from tourism during Tet holidays is about VND 75.8 billion, up 10%. In order to attract and welcome tourists, city leaders and tourism industry in Can Tho have directed the organization of many cultural, art and guest service activities at tourist spots, resorts and accommodation facilities. . During the Tet holiday, the city tourism industry assigns officers to Ninh Kieu pier and other docks from five to eight hours daily, monitoring the operation of the pier, preventing prey and rowing. pull visitors.

During the last Tet days, Binh Thuan province welcomed about 80 thousand visitors to the resort and Xuan, in which international visitors had more than 28 thousand visitors, mainly from: Russia, Germany and China. Korea, Korea and Thailand, up 25.87% over the same period last year. The promotion and effective promotion, increasingly diversifying products and ensuring a safe tourism environment have helped international visitors to Binh Thuan increase strongly in the occasion. During the three days of Lunar New Year, tourist spots in Ca Mau province have welcomed nearly 40 thousand tourists to visit. The peak is on the 2nd day of Tet (17-2), the number of tourists visiting the tourist spots in the province reaches more than 28,400 people, nearly five times higher than other days. Vietnam Tourist destinations‘s attracting many tourists are: President Ho Chi Minh Memorial area, Khai Long tourist area, Hon Da Bac tourist area, Dat Mui tourist area … During Tet holidays, traffic from the City Ca Mau is connected to the tourist spots in the province all smoothly and safely. Previously, the authorities of Ca Mau province organized training, strengthening management of tourism activities, promptly reorganizing the operation of tourism service facilities.

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