Experience Mekong Delta Tour in A Day


Experience Mekong Delta Tour in A Day

Discover the Rustic Mekong River lifestyle of Vietnamese people with a day trip to enjoy My Tho and Ben Tre. Cross the tourist traffic and investigate the magnificent riverside town in Ben Tre. Easy round-trip transportation from Ho Chi Minh City. Starting with an early morning from your motel in central Ho Chi Minh City, you will have a short trip to the adjacent My Tho town. Understanding all through Vietnam, My Tho is located on the mighty Mekong River and is home to some of Vietnam’s most vibrant and vibrant coastal markets.

Your visit will begin by walking around a part of the drifting markets before going to Thoi Son – otherwise known as Unicorn Island. Here you will make a normal melodic execution of Vietnamese people from some people in the neighborhood before having a nature of some privately developed organic products. Next is a boat trip by hand through some small streams and streams where you can see how the Vietnamese townspeople nearby live and farm. You’ll find a way to make coconut candy – a neighborhood delicacy – before coming to Ho Chi Minh City’s bright lights in the early evening. Finally, appreciate the music performance in Vietnamese custom, Dan Ca Tai Tu, one of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage, to end your day’s visit.

Tour will visit Vinh Trang Temple for “Day Tour (Excluding hotel transportation)”; For “Guided tours of China (Including hotel transport)”, please visit and will not visit Vinh Trang Temple and frankly go to the place where the music is performed (Amateur Music).

If you have any diet, be sure to tell us so we can force you to the best. Please note that the visit incorporates a visit to several shopping locations. Please make a special effort to be reminded that this visit is not recommended for old and debilitated individuals. If you book a visit without a boarding vehicle, it is ideal if you show “meet at takeoff” in the “address” section while booking this Mekong Delta Tour.