Vietnam to Cambodia Excursion

Online cafés – Scuba diving, cruises, underwater with cycling around Hoi An in trips are a wonderful trip only in Vietnam. For example, At the Bay Mau ecotourism site in Hoi An, tourists will have the opportunity to take their own boat to catch fish crabs as locals. The famous place, with more than 20,000 heads of the Le Trung Tin family in Con Son, Can Tho, has become a milestone for attracting many overseas visitors. On this Vietnam tour, tourists are boarding themselves on a river about 6km and show how to use the tools to collect trash.

Try to be a farmer in Da Nang if you take a biking tour from Hue to Hoi An, For foreign tourists, the cultivation of vegetable gardens is a great experience on this unique tour.

Walking on the “mainland” in Nha Trang Beach City, you may be out of date, when coming to the coast of Nha Trang, the excursion to the island will bring excitement to tourists. Both adults and children, both girls and swimmers, can also participate in this activity. Tourists are diverted by professional dinners to walk the seabed to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful cathedral or the beauty of the corals with their own eyes.

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