Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Tours

With this indochina bicycle tour, you can explore the culture, Khmer people, ancient architecture and wild beauty of nature. The bicycle glided through the clear jungle forest under the dark blue sky, occasionally stopping at the side of the road enjoying the sweet jelly drink from the hands of the indigenous girls. “Silk drivers” will also have the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding up the Dindrik Mountain, over a 6km section with almost vertical ramps to visit the Preah Vihear Temple.

The 150km route through the forests running along the mountain side gives visitors a sense of ecstasy with the huge canyon-blooming canopy, creating a yellow color like the ripe rice crop under the green jungle. The scenery at this street has “attracted” the tourists. Each car stopped shooting and then ran, giving way to the other members of the group to run up to take photos.

After Preah Vihear, visitors will stop at Anlong Veng, the Cambodian border and Thailand, about 165km from Siem Reap. Until 1998, this place was still the base of the Khmer Rouge rebels. The delegation will visit the home of military commander Ta Mok, Pol Pot’s commander in chief, Pol Pot cremation … The next destination will be Angkor. The whole of Angkor with 600 buildings is scattered in a dense forested area of ​​45km2. There are towers, temples, reliefs, and immense corridors made of overlapping stones with a very natural look, even on the roof.

All the stone decorations such as Buddha statues, dancers, warriors and lotus illustrations of the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics are very lively, soft. 1,700 Apsara in Angkor is 1,700 completely different dancers with gorgeous bodies, facial expressions, postures, physical movements that do not overlap. Meanwhile, the Bayon temple consists of 54 large and small towers, each with a sculpture of the face of Lokesvara, or Avalokitesvara, which symbolizes the divine observation of the four directions of Cambodia.

Taprom is also known as the Empress’s Tomb, where the great ancient trees cover many buildings, making the shape of the monster and attractive. This place also has a mysterious corridor, go inside it, if you put your hand lightly on the chest will hear the beating of very strong through the walls. This is also the place chosen by Hollywood as the backdrop for the movie Tomb Raider – Secrets of the Ancient Tomb.

Angkor Wat Cycling is the pinnacle of emotion. The temple faces west, so visitors usually visit it only in the afternoon, when the sun shines brightly at the temple. A deep and wide moat, running around the temple, the vast spaces filled with lotus flowers make the atmosphere in Angkor pleasant. You can chat with the monks here or take a corner projector in front of the Angkor Wat to enjoy the delicious Khmer dishes, especially the chicken and seafood Ho …

Next, visitors to the Kulen Mountain National Park – the first capital of the Khmer Empire – a sacred place, a holy place for the Khmer; about 60km to Siem Riep and 25km to the mountain. Mount Kulen has 37 ancient temples, most notably Paang Thom Pagoda, also known as the large Buddhist temple – located on a giant rock masses nearly 20m high, dozens of meters wide. From the large Buddhist temple, visitors often wander between tropical primary forest, through the rocky, undulating, bumpy rocks to discover the myths of the king who gave birth to the brilliant Angkorian civilization: the place where the King sat Zen also imprinted. King of processing immortal medicine; The first place where the magic training …

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Vietnam to Cambodia Bike Tours

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